Possible Septic to Sewer Projects Off Sheridan

Septic to Sewer Project Update

The City has been awarded a Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) grant in the amount of $3,433,300 for the three neighborhoods of Dundee Circle, Manor Place, and Lake Ashley Circle.  The grant was based on the study that our engineering firm, Infrastructure Solution Services (ISS), performed to identify the neighborhoods in which grant dollars would have the most significant impact on reducing total nitrogen removed by converting septic systems to City sewer service.  The reduction will help improve the quality of the Indian River Lagoon. The City is also in the process of a Save Our Indian River Lagoon (SOIRL) grant, which the City received several years ago for our first septic to sewer project (Sylvan Estates).  Click below for a video clip of the Sylvan Estates project.

Sylvan Estates Septic-to-Sewer Conversion Project 

Possible Septic to Sewer ProjectS off SheriDAN

The City of West Melbourne engaged the local civil engineering firm Infrastructure Solution Services (ISS) to prepare an analysis of engineering and funding-probability for the second septic to sewer project off of Sheridan Road.  Click here to see the February 15, 2021 report submitted to City Council.  Based on the analysis, ISS analyzed seven different possible project areas:

Area 1 – Sugar Pine and Pine Needle Area 

Area 2 – Timberlake Area 

Area 3 – Dundee Circle and Manor Place Area 

Area 4 – Cocoanut Grove Area 

Area 5 – Lake Ashley Circle Area 

Area 6 – Ashlyn Drive, Donna Marie Drive, Garwood Drive and Fernwood Drive Area 

Area 7 – Sheridan Road Sylvan Estates Area

At the meeting of April 6, 2021, City Council provided a recommendation on the top three potential areas for staff and engineering consultants to advance development of a septic-to-sewer project grant application.  They recommended, in order,  Area 3 - Dundee Circle and Manor Place Area, Area 5 - Lake Ashley Circle Area, and Area 7 - Sheridan Road Sylvan Estates Area.  Click Here to see a map showing an aerial view of the potential project areas. The next step is to determine neighborhood support for moving forward with the project in the selected areas.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact City Manager Tim Rhode at 321-837-7771.