U.S. 192 Repaving Project

The project will resurface this segment of U.S. 192 to extend the life of the existing roadway. The project also will widen the existing bicycle lane to a 6-foot-wide buffered bicycle lane in each direction to improve safety for bicyclists. Other operational improvements include extending left turn lanes, reconstructing some existing median and corner curbs, and upgrades to traffic signals. 

Pedestrian safety enhancements include adding new pedestrian crossings at the I-95 interchange, as well as new and upgraded crosswalks throughout the project limits. The project also will reconstruct pedestrian curb ramps to current Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards and upgrade pedestrian signals. Drainage and lighting improvements are also planned.

U.S. 192 Repave

Project Description

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is planning safety and operational improvements along West New Haven Avenue (U.S. 192). To extend the life of the existing roadway, the project will resurface West New Haven Avenue from Interstate 95 (I-95) to Babcock Street (State Road (S.R.) 507) in the cities of Melbourne, West Melbourne, and Melbourne Village.

Other operational improvements, such as extending left turn lanes and reconstructing existing medians, are also being proposed. 

Proposed safety improvements aim to provide enhanced pedestrian and bicycle safety features along West New Haven Avenue. These include restriping travel lanes in both directions to provide 6-foot-wide buffered bicycle lanes, realigning and upgrading crosswalks, and creating pedestrian refuges to decrease the distance pedestrians must travel to safety. Curbs, gutters and curb ramps will be reconstructed to meet all current American with Disabilities Act (ADA) criteria. 

192 Lane Proposal
192 Lane Proposal 2

Proposed Improvements

Proposed Ped Beacons
Ped Hybbrid Beacon

Street View with Buffered Bicycle Lane

Buffed Bicycle Lane

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